1. Your Name____________________________

2.Street Address_______________________________


Mailing Address(if different)__________________


3.Contact Phone Number___________________

4.Sex/Name Of Puppy you are interested in:________

5.Any experience with this breed? Yes No

Have you researched this breed? Yes No

6. Are you 18 yrs. or older? Yes No

7. Age of children in you home? ______________

8. Is this your first dog? Yes No

If not what other pets do you(or have you) owned?


9.What are your plans for leaving puppy during day if need be such for work/school?_________________

10.Do you own/rent your home?________________

(Written permission from landlord required for renters)

12.Vet References:_________________________ _________________________________________

13.Have you ever relinquished a pet to a shelter?

Yes No

If yes, for what reason?___________________

14. By returning this application I certify that I am committed to making a lifetime commitment to this pet, both financially and emotionally and that I/we will honor the spay/neuter requirement and other terms in contract.

15. A $200.00 nonrefundable deposit will hold puppy.

All information provided here is private and used for our records only.





Male/Female#____________ Purchase Price $_________________


Pick-up Date______________Balance paid______________Date________

Buyer and Seller agree to the following conditions

as stated below.

1. Seller has had a licensed veterinarian exam this dog__________ and at the time of exam this dog is in good health and has no known congenital or genetic problems.

2. Seller will take dog back within 14 days of purchase for any reason and give full refund to the purchaser with the return of all paperwork and dog. After this time the seller will take back the dog for any reason but no monies will be returned.

3. Seller is not responsible to buyer for payment of veterinarian fees for examinations, vaccinations, x-rays, or any other medical treatments for the pup in future.

4. Deposits are non-refundable unless your puppy dies in our care. Then you will have the choice to choose another pup of equal value or have your deposit returned less any paypal fees. When making a deposit via paypal you are agreeing to the terms of this contract.

5.Seller cannot, and does not. Guarantee breeding abilities, size, or quality of show, whether or not registered or register able. This includes all faults of any kind.

6. Buyer understands that a Chihuahua puppy requires EXTRA CARE and attention to remain healthy. This puppy is not to be handled by small children and will not tolerate rough play or handling.

7. Buyer has been very explicitly made aware of this breeds susceptibility to hypoglycemia and has been provided with verbal and written information regarding prevention, recognition of, and courses of treatment for the condition. Therefore, seller will not be responsible for the puppy becoming hypoglycemic resulting in death.

8. Buyer agrees to read all the information provided by seller and to follow through with the instructions and/or veterinarian instructions. The buyer shall maintain the puppy in good condition, including adherence to a regular immunization schedule, heartworm preventative, good diet, and a clean safe environment. Buyer will take puppy to vet of their choice within

5 business days of acquisition.

9. This puppy is not to be left alone for long periods of time or left outside unattended.

10. Buyer agrees not to do any extensive traveling with the pup unless it is to the veterinarian until fully vaccinated. If you choose to take your puppy places and the pup contracts diseases, Trimmer Chihuahuas” guarantee is null and void. Our warranty does not cover parvo!!

11. If for some reason buyer is unable to provide a loving home for the pup, Trimmer Chihuahuas’ has the first right or refusal for the dog and/or will assist in finding a home for the dog. This dog will NEVER see the inside of an animal shelter. PERIOD!!!

12. Buyer agrees to provide the pup with blankets at all times. This pup MUST reside indoors.

Buyer Signature___________________________Date Signed____________

Buyers Printed Name__________________ Telephone#_____________

Address where pup will reside______________________________________


E-mail Address:_____________________________________

     If you would like to be considered for becoming a parent to one  of fur puppies please fill out the application below and fax it to:                                                     908-750-5094
                    You can view  copy of our contract below also